Saturday, January 12, 2013

My First Blog

This is the first blog of Mary Bowmaker, (musician and author).

              (Sitting in a Turkish hairdressers in London, an assistant asked me,
                      'Would you like to have your Turkish coffee cup read'!)

Although my career has been in music, a pianist, (teacher and performer), my long love of writing has at last come to the fore resulting in the publication of three books;

                                      A Little School on the Downs
                                      Is   anybody   there...
                                      Leaning on the Invisible

Through the last two books, writing about the 'so-called' paranormal as a great truth, and one that we all embrace every day of our lives - usually without realising it - I am hoping, in the telling of many incredible and yet at times very ordinary experiences, to convince readers to look carefully at their own lives, and in looking, perhaps see how often they too have been touched by this 'something', call it Universal Energy, life-force, Creator, God! And in beginning to understand such 'phenomena', to accept the fact that whatever happens in life, whatever we do or where ever we go, we do not walk alone... and in answering the question, 'Is anybody there?' with a resounding 'yes Yes YES', wanting to shout it from the roof-tops, then we will have reached one of the most important mile-stones of our lives:
                                                 What do you think?  IS anybody there?
                                                                                                                     Mary Bow.